Date: June 24

Cruisin' Downriver

Downriver has a love affair with cars!

We love the classic '57 Thunderbirds and the '55 Chevys, the '69 Camaro and the '70 Chevelle SS muscle cars, all of the Corvettes and the 40-plus years of the Ford Mustang, to name a few. We love the flamed paint jobs, the chrome side pipes, the low rumbles of the powerful engines and the smell of burning rubber. We love to take care of them, baby them and envy and respect those who do the same.

But most of all, we love to show off and drive them in Cruisin' Downriver!

Route: Fort St from Sibley Road to Outer Drive through the cities of Lincoln Park, Riverview, Southgate and Wyandotte or just Fort St from Sibley Road to Outer Drive from Riverview to Wyandotte

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